The last Monday in January...

...is apparently, the worst day of the year.

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A community dedicated to the music of Ghosts!
There are four separate bands who go by the name Ghosts. The first is a four-piece melodic rock band from England, formally known as Polanski. They signed to Atlantic Records in September 2006 and released their debut album “The world is outside” on June 4th, 2007. Ghosts have also recently played in the U.K. at V Festival in Staffordshire and Chelmsford. They are currently busy writing and recording their second album.

The second is a now defunct screamo band from St. Paul, Minnesota. Two of the band’s members were previously in An Embrace of Angels. Ghosts broke up in September 2005 and two members continued making music in the band Mr. Sinister!.

The third were a highly eclectic post-rock band from the Surrey area, though named Ghosts, their name was always used with a lower case g. Unfortunately, they never got round to recording anything to disc but played some immense live shows - One of which supporting Jenniferever. They disbanded due to continual drummer problems, but are rumoured to be reforming again some time soon.

There is also a fourth one a U.K. based dub group releases include the Album Full Frontal Dublotomy released on the Zander Music Label in 1996.

Bio thanks to Last.fm <3